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Friday guided tours

Friday guided tours

Friday is a day open for individual rides. We've had several requests about tours, so we have decided to offer you three alternative tours for Friday, accompanied by VRCC Norway Crew.

For the Friday tours we don't have licensed escorts, but each tour will have one CREW bike in front and one in the back of each tour. We are not allowed to interfere with other traffic or break any traffic rules but the CREW will have communication and attempt their best to keep the group together in a safe manner. For this reason, we have limited spots available for the Friday tours. We advice you to use the links below to get familiar with the route, 

If you want to participate in a Friday guided tour, you have to register by sending us an email here!
The deadline for registering is 7th of July.

Route 1 has alternatives A and B depending on weather. This decision is made on the morning of the ride by the Trip Boss. Therefore, you only need to apply for alterative 1 if this is interesting for you, you don't need to specify alternative A or B.​

Send us the names of the participants, you phone number, and the rides you like to attend to in prioritized order. For example:

James Peterson
Petra Peterson
(Telephone Number)
Tour 3,1,2

After the deadline we will summarize the requests, and try to grant as many wishes as possible in the order we received the registrations. Depending on the number of registrations, we may decide to cancel one ride and double the capacity on another.
You are not guaranteed a spot on a guided tour before you get an e-mail confirmation after July 7th.
Therefore, make sure you have a plan B for the day in case you don't get a spot. We recommend you check out the hotels HUBRIDING routes.

If you'd rather relax at the hotel, you can join our chartered BOAT RIDE, visit the SOUVENIR SHOP or the hotel beach bar, and enjoy a marvelous lunch and drinks at the hotel afterwards.

If something happens and you can't show up for the ride, it is important that you call your Tour Boss to let him know to avoid us organizing a search party 😅 The number is listed below.

Route 1, alternative A:


Driven only if the weather is fine, and with few clouds.

Summit trip with the Gaustabanen


The tour is not suitable for the disabled, but not very demanding either. Short walk from the top of the track to the

view plateau.


Lunch at Stavsro Café next to Gaustabanen


Riding time, distance: 4h25 min, 233 km.
Estimated time for summit trip with the track, and lunch: 2,5 h.
Total trip time with extra breaks along the way: ca. 8h.

A ticket to the track costs NOK 495,- and is paid separately upon arrival. Lunch is paid separately.



InZane Crew route 1: Per Arne Olsen (Tour Boss), Telephone: +47 957 13 178, and Anne Mette Karlsen

Attendance at 09.00 in the hotel reception


Route 1, alternative B:           

Rjukanbanen, Mæl stasjon.


Only ridden if the weather is not good enough to get a good view on route 1A Gaustadtoppen.


Lunch and museum visit at Mæl Station Rjukanbanen.


Riding time, distance: 4h 30 min, 242 km
Estimated time at the museum with train ride, guided tour and lunch: 3h

Total trip time with extra breaks along the way: approx. 8,5hours.


Price for guided round trip by train plus tour of the station and ferries: NOK 250,- and is paid separately upon arrival. Lunch is paid separately.



InZane Crew route 1: Per Arne Olsen (Tour Boss), Telephone: +47 957 13 178, and Anne Mette Karlsen

Attendance at 09.00 in the hotel reception


Route 2


Visit at Hamaren Aktivitetspark. A fantastic walk on a wide and nice nature path leading to a unique treetop path with a fantastic view. A total of 3.5 km to walk. The tour is also suitable for people with reduced mobility.  Bring suitable footwear.


Lunch at café Hvelvet


Coffee/ice cream etc. At the Fjone ferry quay. Norway's smallest cable ferry Fjonesundet – Sundsodden.


Estimated time at Hamaren: 1,5h
Estimated time at lunch: 45 min.
Estimated time at the Fjone ferry: 0.5h
Riding time, distance: 2h 45 min, 143 km

Total trip time: ca 5,5h


The Fjone ferry costs NOK 35,- for one motorcycle and rider, and 15,- NOK for a passenger and is paid separately upon arrival. Lunch is paid separately.



InZane Crew route 2: Kai Roar Dahl (Tour Boss), Telephone: +47 982 50 902, and Bjørn Ovnerud

Attendance at 10.00 in the hotel reception


Rute 3

Lunde Slusekro


Museum visit at Z museum in Treungen


Lunch at Lunde Slusekro


Estimated time at Z museum: 1,5h.
Estimated time at lunch: 1h
Riding time, distance: 3h 10 min, 170 km
Total trip time: ca 5h 45 min

A ticket to the museum costs NOK 175,- and is paid separately upon arrival. Lunch is paid separately.



InZane Crew route 3: Tommy Oppegaard (Tour Boss), Telephone: +47 950 96 540, and Stein Furulund

Attendance at 10.30 in the hotel reception

Saturday ride out
Saturday Ride Out

Don’t miss out on the absolute highlight of InZane Norway, the spectacular ride out packed with beautiful scenery and lots of experiences. All activities, tickets and serving during the ride out is included in your participant fee!


We will have a mandatory information meeting prior to the ride out where we go through the program for the day, route details, parking and safety instructions, etc.


What will you experience on this magical day?


Here are the highlights:

  • Mountain roads with scenic views and hairpin curves.

  • We ride through Troll Valley. This hidden and secluded valley is according to the local legends the true origin of the Norwegian troll. Feel the mystery mood as we ride between the trees, along the river and waterfalls.
    Challenge: can you spot the frozen mountain troll where you see the trees come out of its head?

  • First stop is at West-Telemark museum Eidsborg and Eidsborg Stave Church.
    Here, you will be served a warm lunch consisting of a delicious homemade elk stew with accessories, local lemonade and fresh mountain water.
    After lunch, you are free to discover the amazing stave church from the 13th century, the open-air wood building museum, the scale model of the famous Telemark Canal, or the many exhibitions inside. There will be guides at selected stations, reserved for the InZane participants.

  • Next leg is a short ride to Dalen. Here, we will visit the famous Dalen Hotel. The hotel manager will give us an exclusive orientation about the hotel history. You can study the hotel exterior up close, take a walk in the beautiful hotel gardens by the end of Lake Banak and take pictures of the hotel and surroundings.
    The hotel is built in and Viking style, and is one of Norway’s largest wooden buildings. It is now a cultural heritage site.

  • After the hotel visit, we invite you to eat a refreshing Italian ice cream with a flavor of your choice, and a cup of coffee at Finstøga Café across the street.

  • Riding further, we climb up the other mountainside on the south, through the forests towards Ådals Verk. This small stretch will for about 10 km be ridden at a slow pace due to asphalt damages. From there the landscape opens, and we cruise along lake Vråvatn on nice curvy roads with spectacular mountain views in front.

  • We return to the Hotel for some relax time before dinner.


The route is in total 104km with approximately 2h riding time. First stop is about half way. Traffic blockers and InZane crew on motorcycles will stop traffic in intersections and help you enjoy a traffic-wise safe and predictable Ride Out! There will also be InZane crew at the stops to instruct you how to park.

Link to the route in Google Maps

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