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How to get there

There are several routes and ferry crossings available, the shortest ferry taking only 2h25m from continental Europe. On this page you will find an overview of all the ferry options, links, route suggestions, distances, etc.



For any information / questions regarding the InZane 2024 meeting, contact the InZane 2024 crew on email:

Hotel location

The hotel address is:

Straand Hotel

Kviteseidvegen 1698

3853 Vrådal


Ferry discounts

We have contacted all the ferry companies hoping to get some discounts based on our event. This is only possible by group booking per crossing, and common payment. The VRCC Norway crew unfortunately don't have the capacity to organize this, and we hope you understand. If you travel together in a group, we recommend that you contact the respective ferry company and ask if you can get a discount for a smaller group. The ferry companies all have different policies.

Ferry options



Crossing time

Shortest travel routes to InZane Norway from the ports



2h 35m
2h 50m

4h 15m

5h 35m


/   140 km

/  172 km

/  189 km

/  263 km

/  325 km

Recommended routes and sights

This section will be updated with alternative scenic routes and interesting sights based on our local VRCC members recommendations.

Experience Norway by motorcycle

We encourage you to take the opportunity to experience our beautiful country before or after your InZane visit. Norway is truly a motorcyclist’s heaven with scenic roads, mountains and fjords. Here are a few links for your inspiration:

Scenic routes in Norway

5 of the best roads in Norway

Motorcycle touring and travel in Norway

Top 10 best rides in Norway

Best biking rides in Norway

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