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Rules for the 16th European InZane
  1. These rules apply for the duration of the 16th European InZane taking place at Straand Hotel in Vrådal Norway and any other locations witch Participants visit from 8th og August until 11th of August 2024.

  2. All Participants registered by the organizers of the 16th European InZane in accordance with the list available at the reception area of the hotel or by other agreement with the Organizers may participate.

  3. Each Participant receives an identification wristband upon check-in at the hotel. The wristband is to be held visibly placed during the entire duration of the InZane meeting. It is to be presented upon request from the hotel or Organizers staff. The wristband gives the Participant access to all InZane meeting events.

  4. The wristband is personal and will only be replaced if it is broken and the old one is returned.

  5. All Participants are expected to follow general hotel rules and thus accept that they may be refused access to certain areas of the hotel if they do not abide by them. In Norway we have strict alcohol laws and it is forbidden to enjoy your own store bought alcohol in the hotel common areas. You are welcome to do this inside your hotel room.

  6. All Participants are required to wear helmets at all time when riding a motorcycle.

  7. All Participants are required to have a valid traffic insurance and drivers license.

  8. According to Norwegian Traffic Law no one is allowed to ride a motorcycle under the influence of alcohol or other toxins. The absolute limit for blood alcohol level is 0,2 ‰. 

  9. During the Ride Out all Participants are required to ride their motorcycle in formation and follow all directions given by the group leader and/or the Organizers.

  10. All Participants are at all time personally liable for their own and others safety when riding in traffic.

  11. The Organizers do not take any responsibility for damages to third party, person or property, caused by actions of the Participants.

  12. The Organizers are not liable for Participants damages, person or property, caused by actions of a third party.

  13. By registration and participation in the InZane meeting you accept these rules.

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